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New Arrivals:
Blade show box has arrived with several customs including a Richard Rogers Shorty with carbon fiber and a Brad Southard Tolk. Also, in that group is a bunch of stuff from Battle Horse Knives, L. T. Wright, and Dogwood knives.
New Arrivals:
Zero Tolerance 0452CF are back with S35VN blade and Titanium framelock with Carbon Fiber top scale. Also arriving are the Spyderco Stretch 2 (C90GBNPE2) with brown G-10 and ZDP-189 and the Squarehead (C193TIP) with S30V and Titanium.
New Arrivals:
Grandfur Bruks small forest axes are back in stock along with wildlife hatchets, carving hatchets, and Swedish carving axes. Also arriving are the new Kershaw/Emerson CQC-4KXL and ESEE JG-3 with leather sheaths. Finally we received more of the ZT0562CF with the new CTS-204P steel instead of M390.
New Arrivals:
Microtech Semi-Custom Anaxs with Titanium handles and ones with Aluminum handles are now in stock. Also a new Small Sebenza 21 arrived with damascus blade and unique silver contrast handles.
New Arrivals:
Brous Blade Enforcers, his first Karambit, with G-10 handles are now in along with the new Arno Bernard 2015 Special with S35VN, a scout carry sheath and either Warthog Tusk or Sheep Horn Handles. Also arriving is the latest Spyderco sprint, the Perrin PPT with TiCN coated blade of S30V (C135GBBKP)
New Arrivals:
Spartan sent us some of the new Velos Lapel Daggers made with CPM-20CV in both Satin and Black along with more Akribis Folder, Nymph non locking folders and Titanium chopsticks. William Henry sent us a One of a Kind B05 with 24kt Gold Koftgari with Norfolk Pine and Boomerang Damascus blade. Finally Surefire sent us their new key chain light, the Titan in black aluminum pushing out 125lm with a Ni-MH AAA.
New Arrivals:
Kershaw sent us the new Link assisted opener in both the poly handle and the aluminum along with the Siege Hawk and on the ZT side we got the ZT0808 Rexford and ZT0450 Sinkevich flipper. Also arriving are some left handed Chris Reeve Sebenza 25s and Spyderco sent us some sprint run Dragonfly with Purple FRN (C28PPR2)
New Arrivals:
The new ZT0452CF with Carbon Fiber and Titanium Framelock with S35VN and ZT0900 designed by Les George with titanium and S35VN are now in stock. Also Arriving are more of the Gransfur Bruks small forest axes and Scandinavian forest axes. Finally we have received some of the new Brous Blades Silent Soldier Flippers with steel liners and black G-10 handles.
New Arrivals:
The new ZT0630 designed bu Emerson with G-10 and S35VN are now in stock along with one of their new pens (0010EB). Also arriving is the new Benchmade Valet (485) with Grey G-10 and M390 blade, Loco (808) with S30V, and more of the 761. Finally we received the new CRKT GSD flipper, Boker Kwaiken flipper with VG-10 and Carbon Fiber, and the new Boker F3 with their first use of S30V.
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