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New Arrivals:
Survive! just sent us some very saught after GSO-5s in a few diferent coinfigurations
New Arrivals:
Chris Reeve sent us a small unique graphics Sebenza 21 with Raindrop Damascus blade along with a large Sebenza 21 with Snakewood and a ladder Damascus Sebenza 25 with Ladder Damascus graphics on the handle. William Henry also sent us a B30-Outback with titanium and Ironwood handles and a boomerang Damascus blade.
New Arrivals:
Chris Reeve limited edition Impofu's are back with a 10" blade of CPM-3V and micarta handles with leather sheath. Also arriving are limited edition Kershaw leeks with brown aluminum handles and ELMAX blades and Spyderco sprint runs of both the squeak and pingo with titanium handles and ELMAX blades. Medford also sent us a Micro Praetorian T with torched titanium handle and a 187F flipper with black G-10 and Vulcan blade.
New Arrivals:
Several new things just arrived including a Production Prototype Inkosi from Chris Reeve. The first of the new model come with custom graphics and are marked "First 30 2015". Also arriving are a several damascus balded Sebenzas in both large and small along with some more small insingos with or without micarta. In addition to those Chris Reeve, we receive a V-42 from Case with display case. These are a remake of the original V-42 from WWII made for the First Special Service Forces "Devil's Brigade". Finally we received the new Brad Zinker Boker Urban Trappers with Cocobolo, Carbon Fiber, and G-10.
New Arrivals:
Blade show box has arrived with several customs including a Richard Rogers Shorty with carbon fiber and a Brad Southard Tolk. Also, in that group is a bunch of stuff from Battle Horse Knives, L. T. Wright, and Dogwood knives.
New Arrivals:
Zero Tolerance 0452CF are back with S35VN blade and Titanium framelock with Carbon Fiber top scale. Also arriving are the Spyderco Stretch 2 (C90GBNPE2) with brown G-10 and ZDP-189 and the Squarehead (C193TIP) with S30V and Titanium.
New Arrivals:
Grandfur Bruks small forest axes are back in stock along with wildlife hatchets, carving hatchets, and Swedish carving axes. Also arriving are the new Kershaw/Emerson CQC-4KXL and ESEE JG-3 with leather sheaths. Finally we received more of the ZT0562CF with the new CTS-204P steel instead of M390.
New Arrivals:
Microtech Semi-Custom Anaxs with Titanium handles and ones with Aluminum handles are now in stock. Also a new Small Sebenza 21 arrived with damascus blade and unique silver contrast handles.
New Arrivals:
Brous Blade Enforcers, his first Karambit, with G-10 handles are now in along with the new Arno Bernard 2015 Special with S35VN, a scout carry sheath and either Warthog Tusk or Sheep Horn Handles. Also arriving is the latest Spyderco sprint, the Perrin PPT with TiCN coated blade of S30V (C135GBBKP)
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