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New Arrivals:
We just received a new custom from Jesse Jarosz, a 75M with wharncliffe blade and carbon fiber handles. Also arriving are the new Kershaw leeks with carbon fiber handles and CPM-154 blades and the new dividends in both Aluminum handed and glass filled nylon handles.
New Arrivals:
New products are arriving daily like the Boker/Zinker FR Flippers, Boker/Burnly Kihon, Kershaw Dividends, and a bunch of CRKT including the new Homefront EDC and remedy. Also arriving are several new William Henrys with exotic materials like meteorite and Zinc matrix Kingman Turquoise. For you EDC Toy lovers we received Titanium spinners from Stedemon and Baston.
New Arrivals:
The Case/Tony Bose Wilfred Lockback collection has arrived in Ebony, Brown Bone, Chestnut Bone, and Bone Stag. This model has a 3.5" Clip Point blade and a 4.5" handle
New Arrivals:
Chris Reeve has sent us a long awaited Mnandi with ladder damascus blade and Mammoth tusk inlay along with a small sebenza 21 with bocote wood inlay
New Arrivals:
ZT has sent us their latest limited run which is the ZT/Emerson folder with DLC coated blade and frame lock topped off with Orange G-10 (0630ORBLK)
New Arrivals:
Spyderco has sent us some of their new 40th Anniversary Native 5s with Thor pattern DamaSteel and fluted Carbon Fiber handles (C41CF40TH)
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