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Dietmar Kressler Integral Chute

Brad Zinker FR Slim Stretch Kevlar Handle

Brad Zinker Model T Titanium Handle

Jones Brothers Mini Mongoose

Keith Fludder Fighter with Coolibah Handle

Rudy Dean Drop Point Hunter with Synthetic Glow Pinecone

Don Marlow #28 Fox Bocote

Don Marlow #25 Jig Bone

Dietmar Kressler Integral Chute

Blade: 3-3/4" RWL-34

Handle: 4-9/16" Stag

Sheath Leather Pouch

Weight 6.4oz (knife only)


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Brad Zinker FR Slim Stretch

Blade: 3.75" 3/32" Stonewash CPM-154

Handle: 4.4" Kevlar with Titanium Clip

Weight 1.79oz


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Brad Zinker Model T Flipper

Blade: 3 5/8" 3/32" Thick Hand Polished CPM-154

Handle: 4 1/4" Titanium (5/16" thick) with Titanium Clip

Weight 1.68oz


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Jones Brothers Mini Mongoose

Blade: 2.95" S30V 5/32" Thick

Handle: 4.25" Blacksite Carbon Fiber with
Black/Blue G-10 Bolster

Weight 4.0oz


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Keith Fludder Fighter

Blade: 5.5" Forged W2 with Clay Tempor Hamon

Handle: 5.95" Coolibah with Stainless Guard and
G-10/Bronze Spacers and Domed Pin

Sheath: Embosed Leather Pouch

Weight 7.8oz (knife only)


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Rudy Dean Drop Point

Blade: 4.05" Forged 1075 with Differential Temper

Handle: 4.25" Synthetic Glow Pinecone

Sheath: Leather Pouch

Weight 5.8oz (knife only)


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Don Marlow #28 Fox

Blade: 3.7" 3/16" Thick D2

Handle: 4.25" 303 Bolsters with Bocote

Sheath: Leather Pouch

Weight 6.4oz (knife only)


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Don Marlow #25

Blade: 3" 1/8" Thick D2

Handle: 4.5" 303 Bolsters with Jigged Bone

Sheath: Leather Pouch

Weight 4.6oz (knife only)


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